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United States
MOVED- come find me at
unfortunately, I will no longer be answering to this account. :( sorry. come find me at my new account

Current Residence: Silent Hill, WV
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
Skin of choice: Albino :)
Personal Quote: Love is love, no matter who you find it in.


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I couldn't resist! :squee:
I got Karkat :iconpervykarkatplz:

Karkat Vantas

(X) Your astrological sign is Cancer.
( ) You hate the colour red.
(X) You type in CAPS.
(X) You like raging and taunting others.
( ) You're a born leader destined for greatness.
(X) You're always irritated.
(X) Everyone around you is an idiot or an asshole.
( ) You hate yourself.
(X) You find the subject of romance fascinating.
(X) You like programming.
( ) You suck at it.
( ) Deep down you really do care.
(X) You have a mutation/deformation/flaw that you try to keep secret.

Aradia Megido

( ) Your astrological sign is Aries
(X) You like the colour burgundy.
( ) You use 0s when you type.
(X) You're okay with a lot of things.
(X) You felt/were dead once.
( ) You know what needs to be done and have no trouble doing it.
( ) You let higher powers guide you.
( ) You are a fan of archaeology and adventure.
(X) You aren't above getting revenge.
(X) You often change your demeanour between cheerful and cold.
( ) You like to play games.
( ) Wealth and power mean nothing to you.
( ) You don't like it when people try to control you without your consent.

Tavros Nitram

( ) Your astrological sign is Taurus.
( ) You like the colour brown.
(X) You hesitate when you type or speak.
(X) You're very timid and nervous.
(X) You have not lived a fortunate life.
(X) You like to daydream and fantasize.
( ) You've tried building your confidence.
( ) You like fantasy, fairies, horseback riding and/or flight.
(X) You wish you could do things you can't do.
( ) You're very impressionable.
( ) You love card games.
( ) You prefer to play by the book.
(X) You like to rap but aren't very good.

Sollux Captor
( ) Your astrological sign is Gemini.
(X) You like the primary colours (yellow, blue, and red).
( ) You like duality and symmetry.
(X) You're bipolar.
(X) You're a mathematical/technical whiz.
( ) You're pretty good at picking up chicks/guys.
(X) Your mind is your greatest asset and curse.
( ) You have a lisp.
(X) You hate pompous douchebags.
(X) You like nerd/geek culture.
( ) You never really got over your first girlfriend /boyfriend.
( ) You're a pessimist.
(X) You can get confrontational and won't back down from a fight.

Nepeta Leijon

( ) Your astrological sign is Leo.
( ) You like the colour green.
( ) You like to roleplay and speak/type in the third person.
(X) You are very playful.
(X) You love fandoms, cosplay, and shipping.
( ) You have a secret crush.
(X) Your best friend is overprotective of you and bossy.
( ) You like cats.
( ) You like the outdoors, hunting, and adventure.
(X) You like painting and/or drawing.
(X) You don't get out with other people much.
(X) You couldn't care less about what others think of you.
( ) People think you're adorable.

Kanaya Maryam

( ) Your astrological sign is Virgo.
( ) You like the colour jade.
( ) You use big words and speak/write with great care.
( ) You try to help however you can, even if it means getting dirty.
( ) Others think you can be meddlesome and fussy.
( ) You feel motherly towards others.
(X) You stay awake at the strangest times.
( ) You love fashion and design.
( ) You find vampires fascinating.
(X) You're a unique individual.
( ) Your tastes are more niched.
( ) You're very honest.
( ) You try to mediate in arguments.

Terezi Pyrope

( ) Your astrological sign is Libra.
(X) You like the colour teal and you love the colour red.
( ) You use L33T SP33CH (or some variation).
( ) You like roleplaying.
( ) You believe in justice.
( ) You think dragons are cool.
(X) You like to tease people & play mind games.
(X) You make full use of the senses you have.
( ) You really like chalk and/or scales.
( ) You always seem cheerful.
( ) You're fond of coolness.
( ) You're a good strategist.
( ) One of your best friends is a big troublemaker.

Vriska Serket

( ) Your astrological sign is Scorpio.
( ) You like the colour grey-blue.
( ) You like the number 8.
(X) You're egoistic, manipulative, melodramatic, and/or hot-headed.
( ) You're a bitch/dick and proud of it.
( ) You try to shape up wimps.
( ) You like to roleplay and play games.
(X) You always aim to win, you love to brag, and you hate to lose.
(X) You can get obsessive or addicted.
( ) You like spiders, pirates and/or apocalypse scenarios.
(X) You have (a) very demanding parent(s).
( ) You try to model yourself after someone you really admire.
(X) You're not as bad as you seem.

Equius Zahhak

( ) Your astrological sign is Sagittarius.
( ) You like the colour blue.
( ) You always give your 100%.
( ) You admire strength, etiquette, and/or nobility, including your own.
( ) You're bigoted and authoritative.
( ) You have a fetish for being bossed around.
(X) You have a lot of pent up anger.
( ) You like to build and/or break things.
( ) You have a strong loyalty to your superiors.
(X) You often break a sweat.
(X) Sometimes you're just a little bit creepy.
(X) You admire archery and fine art.
(X) You suck at archery.

Gamzee Makara

( ) Your astrological sign is Capricorn.
( ) You like the colour indigo.
(X) You're usually very laid back.
(X) You aren't one for social norms.
(X) You did/do drugs of some sort.
( ) You're a member of a cult/religious group and/or don't like understanding things.
( ) Your parent(s) weren't around much.
(X) You have an evil/nasty side.
( ) You like clowns.
( ) You live by the ocean.
(X) Your faith has been shaken before.
(X) You like to manipulate people and/or their fears.
( ) Your best friend knows just how to calm you down.

Eridan Ampora

( ) Your astrological sign is Aquarius.
( ) You like the colour purple.
( ) You have a weird accent.
( ) You're a hipster.
( ) You have a genocide complex and/or are a racist.
( ) You're self-centered and are oblivious to other people's feelings.
( ) You come from a rich/powerful family and consider yourself superior because of it.
( ) You had deeper feelings for a friend but they rejected you.
( ) You like wizards and magic but don't believe in them.
(X) Your relationships always seem to fall apart.
(X) You like to hunt, fish, and/or sail.
(X) You like the water but don't swim often.
(X) Not many people like you.

Feferi Peixes

( ) Your astrological sign is Pisces.
( ) You like the colour tyrian purple.
(X) You tend to get very excited.
(X) You like making puns and using silly words.
( ) You are a descendant of royalty/ a powerful family.
( ) You believe in equality and caring for the less fortunate.
( ) You like to collect animals and take care of them.
( ) You are responsible for something very dangerous.
(X) You have at least one duty that you don't really enjoy.
( ) You're always cheerful and bubbly.
( ) You like the ocean and swimming.
( ) You like princesses/princes.
(X) You have a friend who really gets on your nerves.

Other possible points

( ) You have violent allergic reactions to something. (like say...mind honey?)
( ) Sometimes you like to pull off Caruso style one-liners (like so:…)

( ) You have a sexual preference for the same gender.
(X) You have had a crush on someone but never told them.

(X) You have battle scars.
(X) You enjoy drinking milk.
( ) You admire animals, particularly strong majestic ones.
( ) You tend to be a klutz and break things.
( ) You are very protective of one of your friends.
( ) You enjoy structure, tradition, and the status quo

( ) You find military history fascinating.
( ) You like to wear capes and/or look diabolical/evil.
(X) You get pushed around a lot.
( ) You don't know why you're treated the way you are and don't think you deserve it.
(X) You once lashed out heavily at the people you cared about.


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